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Authors are advised to follow Instructions for Authors given on www.ijupbs.com Manuscript should be strictly prepared according to the Authors Guidelines. Submit the prepared manuscripts along with the Covering Letter as an e-mail attachment toijupbs@gmail.com and/or rapid.ijupbs@yahoo.com
Editorial Team of International Journal of Universal Pharmacy and Bio Sciences will reply you with the status of your manuscript within 1-3 days after the submission.

Type of paper - Research/Review paper
1. Subject (Pharmaceutical sciences/Bio Sciences) and branch of the manuscript
2.Undertaking statement of the animal study conduction in accordance of the relevant ethical committee
3.Undertaking statement that this manuscript is not under consideration for publication in any
other journal
  *Manuscript can be under any of the subjects:-
Pharmaceutical Sciences Bio Sciences
Branches Branches
icon Pharmaceutics
icon Cosmetology
icon Nanotechnology
icon Pharmacognosy
icon Pharmacology
icon Pharmacy Practice
icon Pharmacogenomics
icon Pharmacoeconomics
icon Novel drug delivery systems
icon Analytical Chemistry
icon Biomedical Sciences
icon Medicinal Chemistry
icon Polymer sciences
icon Biotechnology
icon Pharmacoinformatics
icon Biopharmaceutics
icon Bioinformatics
icon Natural Products Chemistry
icon Biotechnology
icon Nanobiotechnology
icon Biochemistry
icon Bioinformatics
icon Cell biology
icon Microbiology
icon Drug Chemistry
icon Molecular biology
icon Neurobiology
icon Cytology
icon Clinical Pathology
icon Immunology
icon Nano Sciences

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